Probba is the Student Association of Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. Probba was founded together with the BBA-program in 1989. When the program was changed to BScBA in the year 2000, Probba continued to cherish the legacy of the BBA–program by keeping its name with students still being called BABAs. The name Probba comes from the Latin term ‘’Pro BBA’’ which means for BBA.
Probba is part of KY (the student organization of Aalto University School of business) as well as AYY (Aalto University Student Organization).

The role of Probba Board

Taking care of student wellbeing
Organizing events and free time activities
Being the link between the students and the staff
Taking care of the incoming exchange students
In charge of co-operation with KY, AYY and other business schools


1989 – The Pro BBA Program and Probba ry are founded
2000 – BBA –program changes into BScBA program
2010 – Aalto University
2014 – Automatic Study right to Helsinki for all BScBA -students

Member Benefits

More information on KY & AYY websites:
AYY- http://ayy.fi/en
KY - http://kyweb.fi
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